¥ 348,000,000

Middle Hirafu Ridge

¥ 97,000,000

Royal Road Meadow

¥ 340,000,000

Haven Penthouse

¥ 85,000,000

Yuki no Taki 1

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New Build Underway

Even this unprecedented heatwave can’t stop progress! Niseko Plus is helping another valued client turn dreams into reality with our inaugural project management build. Follow along for more updates as this dream takes shape!  

Mt Yotei breaks through the clouds as the sun rises behind

Impact of the Pandemic

What effect has the COVID-19 pandemic had on property prices in Niseko? One of the most popular questions amongst our buyers over the last six months is whether property prices in Niseko have been impacted by the pandemic. The quick answer is no! Prices have stood their ground though interest in resort-based property, particularly Hirafu, have taken a backseat to other market segments. Interest …

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